Life is not always colourful. Sometimes we're up and lots of times we're down. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we have to fall many times to succeed. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that we always get up. If we fall 5 times, we have to get up for the 6th time. Until two years ago, I was totally different. I was with low confidence, self-critical, dissatisfied, weak, shy and with very low self-esteem. Sometimes my life did not rejoice. Well, I used to think so. But, in fact, I fell even further for each fall. I did not [...]

Real, not perfect

I never wanted you to be perfect. Just real. Real you. With all imperfections and flaws. With all ups and downs. Everything. And not your lies. Your faking. Day by day. Your pretending that I mean something to you. That you care about me. You childish games. Playing with a woman's heart. Just so you could keep me close. On a leash, on a reach of your hand. So I was out of reach and unavailable for other men. You didn't love me. You just needed to fill your ego with me. Or maybe you were feeling better about your [...]

Life is a journey, not a competition

Call me crazy but I simply love people who are happy and satisfied when they succeed personally or even in business. I'm proud of every brave and strong person who decides for some bold moves and for changes. We change every day. We grow. We improve ourselves. It's called self-growth. That we are better today than we were yesterday, and that we become better tomorrow than we are today. So a question for you who are reading this: Why would you want to throw pollen under someone's feet or stab somebody into the back? We can be so much stronger [...]

Thank you!

In life we don't always meet just people that we want to meet. Sometimes we meet people who we have to meet – to help us, broke us, leave us, abuse us, strengthen us. And right those ones force us to become a person we were meant to become. Happier. Stronger. Better. But mostly grateful for our precious lives. Grateful for life challenges that forced us into personal growth. To those who had been and to those who stayed in my life: Thank you! Now I understand the meaning of my breathing. With love, Evelyn  

What is love?

»Love is an intense feeling of deep affection for someone. « That “someone” we seek our entire life. True love. Soul-mate. We desperately want to have somebody beside us. Someone who will love us even if we have to change for them. First smaller changes, then later enormous changes. But the truth is, either you may like it or not, that “someone” should be me. I have to love and appreciate myself first so no one would ever have me just half-hearted. And when I love myself strong enough, I attract the right people in my life. Energy attracts energy. [...]

Where all the dreams come true

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming? About a job, a dream house, your business, fast car... And every time you instantly stopped dreaming because you felt that dreams are too far, too impossible, too imaginative… simply unreachable. Well, let me tell you something: Stop doing that! It is possible! You can do it! You are capable of having all those things. Reset your mind and focus on your goals! Believe in yourself and don't let others tell you otherwise. You are much more than you think you are. You are worthy. And I believe in you. In each and every [...]