Ljubezen ni samo ena in ni vedno enostavno. Vsi si želimo ljubiti in biti ljubljeni. Vendar pa v razmerjih dostikrat pozabimo nase kot posameznike. Verjamem, da pravo ljubezen lahko sprejmemo v svoje življenje le, ko sebe dovolj močno ljubimo in ko cenimo svoje unikatno življenje, ki nam je bilo dano.  Ljubezenska in življenjska knjiga z nekaj drame in erotike, predvsem pa pozitivna, motivacijska in inspiracijska.
“In my almost 28 years I've discovered that there is not only one type of love and that it is not always that simple. However, when two people love each other, they do it unconditionally - without compromises and without changing one another. Wherever you are right now in your life, I beg you, promise me, you'll never change yourself for the person you fall for, except to improve yourself, for you to be better, and don't ever try to change your loved ones. If they want to change, they will do it on their own terms. If not, let them go and be grateful for all the life and love lessons they've taught you, even the worst ones.” Evelyn K. Sunshine: Only you can fix me (chapter 1) “I used to be the type of a person that refuses big changes in life. When my friend and university mate mentioned a student exchange I was strongly against it. The idea of me leaving all behind and moving to a city 3.000 km away from home was terrifying. After a lot of encouragement I stepped out of my comfort zone and said yes. I was 22 years old and I just had to experience life abroad before it would be too late.” – Evelyn K. Sunshine: Only you can fix me (chapter 2) “After his death, the darkness came into my life. It was the start of an awful period for me. I lost my dad, my best friend, my shelter, my everything. I lost him. Daddy’s little princess lost her king. As if all the light in my life had just left me.” – Evelyn K. Sunshine: Only you can fix me (chapter 3)